Realtor Pre-Listing Services

Have a home that is difficult to value before listing it for sale, or need to verify the actual gross livable area? We can help answer those questions. Our Realtor Pre-Listing Services Include the following:

  • Gross Livable Area Calculation - An Arizona Certified General Appraiser  (the highest level of licensing available) will measure the home and calculate the Gross Livable Area providing a sketch of the exterior dimensions of the home. The calculation will be based on the American National Standard for Single-Family Residential Buildings (ANSI Z765-2013). For most homes the fee for this service is $175 or is included as part of an Appraisal.
  • Appraisal - An Arizona Certified General Appraiser will inspect the home and provide an estimate of market value based on the current market trends in a detailed report. For most homes the fee for this service is $500
  • Possible Required Repairs - Fannie Mae, HUD, and other entities, often have strict minimum property standards for lending. We will provide a detailed list with references to either the Fannie Mae or HUD standard requiring the listed, probable, repair. This can help you and your client decide which repairs to make before listing the property. This is included in the Appraisal service.
  • Support - If the home sells after our appraisal and the buyer's appraisal is lower than ours, impacting the sale, we will stand behind our report. We will consult with you and provide insight to the differences between our report and the buyer's report and offer rebuttal language for your use in a "Reconsideration of Value Request". This is included in the Appraisal Service.

If you have additional needs let us know and we can discuss how we can help you.

  Hiring an experienced appraiser is the best way to serve your clients.

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