Bailey Valuation and Consulting, LLC provides quality, timely, and accurate real estate appraisal, litigation support, and consulting services to property owners, the legal community, and Realtors in Arizona.

We provide a large variety of appraisal types and services:

  •     Standard and Specialty Real Estate Appraisal Services
  •     Stigmatized Residential and Commercial Properties
  •     Specialty or Unique Properties (Owned Solar, Guest Houses, etc.)
  •     Pre-listing Appraisals for Real Estate Agents or Homeowners
  •     Termination of a Condominium (De-conversion)
  •     Divorce Settlement
  •     Estate Settlement
  •     Deficiency Actions
  •     Eminent Domain/Condemnation Proceedings
  •     Standard-of-Care Actions (for E&O clients and appraisers)
  •     Expert Witness Services
  •     General Litigation Support Services
  •     General Consulting
  •     Appraisal Review Including Peer Review

Whether you are an individual homeowner or a large law firm, we look forward to working with you. Please give us a call to talk about how we can help with your appraisal needs.